butter & honey
Who am I?
I am a multitude of things…an enigmatic young folk, old soul, vivacious being, entity of organized chaos, and simply..a honey bee.
But really, who is this girl who’s blog you’re looking at?
I am a dreamer, a drifter, a creator. More factually though I live in Connecticut, for the time being, have a job working at a hotel, and drive a 2005 Ford Focus. I am truly a people-person. I love making people happy, which is part of the reason why I work in a hotel. Simplicity is something I live by, and being natural is the most beautiful thing in the world. There’s something so beautiful about the raw untouched features of something or someone. I’m attracted to people who are genuine and kind with a sense of humor. So I guess that’s me in a nutshell.
Any questions feel free to ask! (:
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    Walking back to the apartment in Paris.

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  • "

    My heart born naked
    was swaddled in lullabies.
    Later alone it wore
    poems for clothes.
    Like a shirt
    I carried on my back
    the poetry I had read.

    So I lived for half a century
    until wordlessly we met.

    From my shirt on the back of the chair
    I learn tonight
    how many years
    of learning by heart
    I waited for you.

    John Berger 

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  • I want to have an adorable relationship.

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  • "Uncontradicting solitude
    Supports me on its giant palm;
    And like a sea-anemone
    Or simple snail, there cautiously
    Unfolds, emerges, what I am."
    Philip Larkin 

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