Who am I?
I am a multitude of things…an enigmatic young folk, old soul, vivacious being, entity of organized chaos,
& simply..a honey bee.
But really, who is this girl who’s blog you’re looking at?
I am a dreamer, a lover, a drifter, a creator. More factually though I live in Connecticut, for the time being, have a job working at a hotel, & drive a 2005 Ford Focus. I am truly a people-person. I love making people happy. Simplicity is something I live by, & being natural is the most beautiful thing in the world. There’s something so beautiful about the raw untouched features of something or someone. I’m attracted to people who are genuine & kind with a sense of humor. So I guess that’s me in a nutshell.
Any questions feel free to ask! (:
  • John Dufresne, Deep in the Shade of Paradise

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